The Fowndry is an online shop specialising in intriguing and quirky products from around the world. From its launch in 2013 to December 2016, I wrote most of the content on the site, including sales copy for each product.



Welcome, traveller. We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Earth. Before making the jump to hyperspace, please enjoy a browse through the latest, most remarkable curiosities this planet has to offer.

Here we’ve assembled a collection of everything cool, quirky and cutting edge that’s happening in the world right now. Products, gifts, games, gadgets… our team has spent a lifetime scouring the Earth’s surface, from trade fairs to toy shops, fantasy bazaars to tech forums, in search of the most inventive, up-to-the-minute items. Just imagine Han Solo (the original, unedited one who shoots first) crossed with the Man from Del Monte. That’s us.

Take a look around. If you have any questions please shoot red sparks from your wand, combine rings, raise a vestigial limb or drop us an email. Our friendly staff are fluent in over seven million different languages and would be happy to help.

Welcome to The Fowndry and have a very pleasant onward journey.


Cue the Vangelis, pan right and pull back. We’ve found it! The most iconic whiskey glass in sci-fi history. (Well, there can’t be many)

The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass is such a spot-on match for Deckard’s favourite tumbler, you’d need a Voight-Kampff test to tell them apart. But it’s no cheap replica. In fact, they were both made by the same hands.

No, not massive-specs Eldon Tyrell. We’re talking about artisan Italian glassmaker Arnolfo di Cambio. Hand made to the exact same design as the original, this ‘double old fashioned’ crystal glass tumbler makes the perfect gift for sci-fi fans and design geeks alike.

Plus it’s the perfect company when you’re sitting on your own in your flat, at night, with the lights off, looking at pictures of girls on your monitor. It’s work. Of course it’s work. Now go on – go and stand on your balcony. *Saxophooone*


Hold onto your nacelles. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is, hands down, the most ingenious piece of food-based sci-fi merchandise we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a few…

One look at this remarkable pizza cutter and you’ll know it’s too darn good for the common crusts of our home-baked snacks. But that’s exactly what this sensational gizmo is made for – to seek out new slices and new pizza sensations, to boldly roll where no fan has rolled before…

True to the original TV series, the Star Trek Pizza Cutter is a near-faithful replica of the first ever NCC-1701 Enterprise. And not your newfangled alt-universe one.

Of course, there have been a few modifications. The free-spinning laser-etched stainless steel blade is new. And the (slightly modified) solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body makes for a comfortable feel in the hand. In fact, once you’ve picked up the Star Trek Pizza Cutter and you won’t want to put it down. Which is fine, because you can eat pizza with one hand. And type.

Grab one for yourself and see what we mean. All ahead, full impulse buy.


Up, up… and a knee! Don a pair of Superhero Caped Socks and you’ll be fighting crime one leg at a time.

Oh sure, we’d all like the full superhero costume, but imagine all that spandex under your day-to-day gear. In real life, the only things superpowered would be your sweat glands. No, Superhero Caped Socks are the solution.

No one even needs to know you’re wearing them. Just like any superhero, you can go about your daily business, blending into the crowd, your secret identity safely hidden inside a comfy loafer.

Perfect for any wannabe hero, pop on a pair of these wonderfully whimsical socks (choose from the ‘Man of Steel’ Superman or Wonder Woman) and know that whatever life throws at you – traffic jams, work deadlines, General Zod – you’ll tackle it, feet first.

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