Sky Multiscreen promotion

I’ve written email copy for Sky’s wide range of TV and broadband services, special offers and partner promotions. This has included working closely with art directors on new approaches to Sky’s messaging, such as the concept for a Sky Multiscreen email above. The final design appears below.


Sky Multiscreen Email

Get the TV you love in a second room

Hello <Name>,

Want to double up on the TV you love? With Sky Multiscreen you can enjoy all the great features of Sky TV in two rooms of the house at once.

That could mean comedy in the kitchen, with blockbuster movies in the bedroom. Or live sport in the lounge, with cartoons in the kids’ room. The possibilities are endless – and all for just £11.25 extra a month.

Take it outside with Sky Go Extra

Treat your family to Sky Multiscreen and you’ll also get Sky Go Extra, our brilliant mobile app. Download your favourite shows on up to four devices and watch them absolutely anywhere, any time you like.

Here’s to a happy household,

The Sky Team

Sky Go Email

Try Sky Go Extra free for 2 months

Watch what you want where you want

Hello <Name>,

You’re already familiar with Sky Go, so you’ll know how easy it is to watch TV on your mobile. But did you know that right now Sky Go Extra is free for 2 months?

Sky Go Extra gives you so much more

  • Register Sky Go Extra on up to four devices – perfect for keeping the whole family entertained
  • Download your favourite shows so they’re always ready to watch and say goodbye to drop-offs at that crucial moment
  • Catch the latest drama on your lunch break, blockbuster movie on the bus, or that guilty pleasure in the garden. You know the one.

Upgrade to Sky Go Extra today and take the TV you love even further.

The Sky Go Team

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