As this project is still in development and not yet publicly available I can’t share any details or images. Which is a shame, because it’s really exciting. In time, and with the owner’s permission, I will update this page. In the meantime, I’ll try to give an overview.


In January 2018, research firm Rare Consulting took their first steps into software development. I was part of a small team tasked with realising their vision – a fully automated, self-service tool for testing the likely market effectiveness of any piece of creative content. It had to be easy enough for anyone to use, from marketing directors to junior designers. We affectionately called it ‘Pudding’, then ‘Pud’, and the name stuck.


Over two days of intensive workshops with Rare’s CEO and head of design we honed the Pud brand personality, mission, purpose, market differentiators, value proposition, target audiences, user need states and the messaging to speak to those needs. The result was a v1.0 content strategy document big enough to hold open doors, but full of useful insights. We knew what we needed to create and how it should look, feel and sound.
Ben’s great! He helped guide us through our decision-making at a really key moment in our development. Would get him on board again! BEN PASK



Having established the brand’s mission, purpose and personality we dived into user flow mapping to get a feel for the new product’s essential and slightly-less-essential features. This drove early discussion and agreement on an MVP. Within weeks we had a prototype ready to user test, with development of second-phase features already underway. Throughout the process, I helped to keep the microcopy, nomenclature and tone consistent, while honing the marketing messaging for the new homepage. The first iteration of the app is due for launch later this year.