Adding wordy razzle-dazzle to Firebox emails was always great fun. Subject lines, intro copy and a synopsis of each product in the newsletter were usually needed.


The Firebox A-Z

APRIL 2012

Give us an A! Give us a B! Skip to the end! What have you got? It’s the Firebox A-Z, of course. For no better reason than it tickled our fancy, here are some of our favourite bits and bobs alphabetisticided. Take a look and click on through. Finding something new is as easy as, well…

We’ve put the bunny back in the ‘box

MARCH 2012

Classic films on TV. Sunshine. Frolicking lambs. Delirious children. It can only mean one thing – Easter is here! Or at least, it’s close. But don’t panic. We’ve hunted high and low for all sorts of goodies to make your bank holiday extra special. From delectable gourmet chocolate to exclusive Jelly Belly beans, our Easter treats are so yummy you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Thanks Mum

MARCH 2012

They may not all have trounced a terminator, despatched a Death Eater or socked an alien queen in the chops, but nothing will stop a mum when her kids are in trouble. Even Lady GaGa’s mum has waded into the action. So this March 18th why not say thanks with a few choice bits and bobs for your miraculous, multitasking mum. She’s earned it.

Rescue the romance


Romance isn’t dead, it’s just out of shape (blame the chocolates). So this Feb 14th, break from the norm and surprise your special someone with a gift that’s daringly different. Whether it’s for a secret crush, soul mate, best friend, hot date, or Valentine’s Day grump we’ve a little shock and ‘awww’ for all of them.

It’s Chriiiistmaaaaaas


Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and festive high-fives all round. ‘Tis the season to buy presents and Firebox has fa-lah-lah-lah-laah, lah-lah-laah-loads of ’em. So to make life easier, we’ve hand-picked our Top 10 gifts for Christmas (and a few other Top 10s you might enjoy). And if that doesn’t light your advent candle, check out our all new Christmas Decorations.

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