As part of their Personal Finance site redesign in 2012, Debenhams asked the team to refresh the intro copy on their category pages.

In order to stand out in a crowded market, we suggested a tone that would sound suitably authoritative but warmer and sometimes more colourful than readers might expect. Here are a few copy examples from when the site went live.




Accidents can happen, even on a dream holiday. So let’s not linger on it any longer than we have to. Book your travel insurance now, and whatever you’re up to, you can rest assured you’re covered in a crisis.

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We’ve called it Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance, but our comprehensive policy actually covers you for all manner of winter-holiday mishaps: rogue snowballs, falling icicles, runaway toboggans, Yetis, you name it. Actually, not Yetis. You’re on your own with them. Here are just a few of the benefits of Debenhams ski cover:



It’s not often we get to jet off on holiday. So when you do, make sure it’s one to remember – for all the right reasons. And speaking of reasons, here are just a few for taking out our Single Trip Travel Insurance from under £5:



Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just planning a few holidays this year, our Annual Travel Insurance saves you time and hassle. Travel as many times as you like, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few benefits of our annual travel insurance cover:


Protect your pad from the unexpected.

In a perfect world accidents wouldn’t happen. Pipes wouldn’t burst, boilers wouldn’t break and bad people wouldn’t want to nick your telly.

We hope your life is only full of the good stuff, but when the worst happens our Home Insurance gives you much-needed peace of mind.

You can protect your home and contents with Debenhams Home Insurance in minutes. Here are just a few of the benefits:


Sure, they won’t mope around in their pyjamas and demand hot soup, but pets are just as prone to sickness and sniffles as we are. Not to mention bumps and scrapes. Which is why their medical bills can soon stack up.

With Debenhams Pet Insurance you can rest assured that your four-legged family member can get the treatment they need. Let us worry about the costs.


Alloy wheels, metallic paint, ejector seat – all optional. Car insurance – not optional. Which is why we’ve made Debenhams Car Insurance as simple as possible.

Plus, if you buy before 31 March, we will send you a 10% discount voucher to enjoy in store or online.

Get a quote now and choose the best value policy for you. You could be fully covered in just a few minutes.

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