At Christmas I convinced some awesome guys to sign up to Tough Mudder London West with me, to raise money for Help for Heroes.

For the uninitiated, Tough Mudder is a 12-mile cross-country run interspersed with military-style obstacles, designed to test participants’ nerve as well as their muscles. So while I’ll be dangling from monkey bars, sprinting up quarter pipes and hefting logs about, I’ll also be cannonballing into ice water, squeezing through tunnels, crawling through tear gas-filled tents and dashing through arrays of live electrical cables.

Nerve. Muscles. Common sense. Right now I’m wondering if I have enough of any of them. But I’ve given the preparation some real welly, using 1 Second Everyday to make this video every step of the way.

We’ll be hitting Tough Mudder London West on May 2nd. Wish us luck. And if you’re feeling really generous, help us along.