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I'm Ben.

I’m a creative copywriter

I write words that people enjoy reading. Whatever the medium, whatever the subject, I break down complex ideas, systems or processes and make them easier for users to understand (and businesses to sell).

I’m a content writer

I write engaging online copy, from irresistible headlines to long, lilting SEO prose. I can work directly in the CMS too, applying metadata tagging strategies, title taxonomies and SERP-friendly descriptions.

I’m a UX writer

Every digital journey, from a sign-up process to a purchase path, is a dialogue. I work as part of the design, research and strategy team to craft that dialogue – marrying awesome visuals with clear, consistent language.

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Ray Christodoulou, freelance senior copywriter

“I warmed to [Ben] the moment I met him, finding him to be intelligent, knowledgeable, witty and welcoming. From the perspective of the newcomer to the project, the client and the processes, I was delighted that nothing was too much trouble for Ben in helping me to hit the ground running. A great writing buddy. That aside, I found Ben to be a great thinker, strategist, analyst and a good all-round team player. He is also a lover of words and takes immense pride in using them to great effect. And he does all the above with extreme good nature and a smile on his face. In a nutshell, Ben is a lovely chap, a consummate professional and an excellent copywriter.”

- Ray Christodoulou, freelance senior copywriter
Tim Hurles, partner at WAE / Globant

“Ben is a very smart, very talented thinker and content creator. He has been an invaluable member of a team that delivered a challenging, large-scale transformational project for a government client, contributing great work and ideas, good vibes and at the same time defining a new role in the industry. Ben is also a dedicated team player and very nice guy to have around – I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

- Tim Hurles, partner at WAE / Globant
Micha Nicheva, UX and service design consultant at WAE / Globant

“If you are reading this you are likely to be thinking of getting Ben on board for a project. You’re very lucky – Ben is the first person I think of when a task calls for a copywriter. I had the pleasure of working with him on a long and challenging project where time and time again Ben produced amazing copy, managed difficult stakeholders and never stopped smiling! I was impressed by his calm, positive approach and his ability to craft the clearest, most readable copy in no time at all. He knows how to tell a story and take the reader on a journey in just a few lines. A year passed by before I knew it, but time flies when things are running smoothly and you’re having fun. I look forward to working with Ben again as I’ve no doubt we will have him back at the first opportunity.”

- Micha Nicheva, UX and service design consultant at WAE / Globant
Robert Crawford, experience design manager at Sapient Nitro

“During the two projects where Ben and I worked together he proved himself to be much more than your average copywriter. His background in product design and belief that copy is central to the development of good digital products allowed him to play a central role in driving the project forward. It was great to work with someone so passionate about his craft and I hope to work with Ben again soon.”

- Robert Crawford, experience design manager at Sapient Nitro
Fiona Wright, digital group account director at STEEL

“[Ben is] not just a ‘good’ team member but is someone you really need in your team. He’s encouraging and supportive of other team members, as well as easy going and approachable when junior guys are looking for help. He’s the person you want on your projects. Reliable, trustworthy, passionate and enthusiastic – ticks all boxes. However, more importantly, he’s a brilliant creative, who helps anyone feel part of the process (clients and team alike) and produces brilliant conceptual work. P.S. He also writes an awesome strapline.”

- Fiona Wright, digital group account director at STEEL
Gareth Fryer, director of strategy and innovation at STEEL

“Put simply, Ben is exactly the kind of creative that everyone loves to work with. He’s smart, great fun to be around and has an ability to directly assess his own concepts against the boundaries of what clients need to achieve and user needs in tandem; there’s no ego involved. He’s always keen to get feedback and works brilliantly with people regardless of their team or discipline. Plus he tends to have cracking ideas too. I couldn’t recommend Ben more highly.”

- Gareth Fryer, director of strategy and innovation at STEEL