Content designer

Content strategist



Making clear communication the driving force of your design process, I’ll work with your team to create, test, and refine the best possible experience for your users, paying particular attention to the UX writing like microcopy and nomenclature.


From stakeholder interviews to co-creation workshops, I’ll pool the skills and knowledge of your business to map out the content you and your customers need, and how we’re going to deliver it. We can even tweak your brand positioning while we’re at it. 


Whether you need long-form prose or a cheeky one-liner, I can help you shout about new products, explain tricky processes, win over your community, and SEO your online content up the wazoo.

Ben is a very smart, very talented thinker and content creator. He was an invaluable member of a team that delivered a challenging, large-scale transformational project for a government client, contributing great work and ideas, good vibes, and at the same time defining a new role in the industry.

Tim Hurles

Partner, WAE

[This company] didn’t understand what Content Design actually was but boy were we lucky we hired a Content Designer rather than a copywriter. Ben has transformed [this company’s] understanding of the importance of not just copy but content and communication.

From a personal standpoint, Ben and I have worked closely together on a number of projects, including two amazingly insightful User Story Mapping workshops and we’ve made a killer team. I will not hesitate to find any way I can to get him in to wherever I work, to be able to work with him again.

Damien Pascoe

Lead UX designer, Freelance

I warmed to [Ben] the moment I met him, finding him to be intelligent, knowledgeable, witty and welcoming. I was delighted that nothing was too much trouble for Ben in helping me to hit the ground running. A great writing buddy.

That aside, I found Ben to be a great thinker, strategist, analyst and a good all-round team player. He is also a lover of words and takes immense pride in using them to great effect.

Ray Christodoulou

Senior copywriter, Freelance

During the two projects where Ben and I worked together, he proved himself to be much more than your average copywriter. His background in product design and belief that copy is central to the development of good digital products allowed him to play a central role in driving the project forward.

Rob Crawford

UX manager, Sapient Nitro

Ben took on a massive challenge when he started at Zoopla: we had no content designers, no history of having content designers, and very little understanding of the benefits of content design.

He took on the challenge of not only improving our output through content design across a range of our products, but also evangelising the benefits of content design across the whole organisation, and at all levels including C level. It was a really hard thing to be asked to do but he did it in a way that really enthused the teams and brought people along with him. I’ve certainly learnt a lot that I don’t think I would have had he not been here.

He’s also a genuinely lovely person, and brought a whole load of emotional intelligence and insight to our team, getting people to talk to each other and see things from other perspectives. He will be missed!

Fiona Lamont

Lead product manager, Zoopla

Ben naturally gravitates towards the fundamental questions any business aiming to build engaging experiences must answer – and he’s obviously comfy in that space.

Down in the detail, Ben works rigorously, using solid frameworks and processes to get those answers and provide clear directions. Tone, voice, actual content creation, brand missions – you get it all with Ben, and all to a high standard. Ben cares – and it shows.

My first Content Designer hire and guess what? He set the precedent. I know his current team love him. I imagine yours will, too.

Richard Allalouf

Head of UX and design, Zoopla

Ben is the first person I think of when a task calls for a copywriter. I had the pleasure of working with him on a long and challenging project where time and again Ben produced amazing copy, managed difficult stakeholders and never stopped smiling! I was impressed by his calm, positive approach and ability to craft the clearest, most readable copy in no time at all.

Micha Nicheva

UX consultant, WAE